NAKI New Zealand Manuka Honey 12+UMF 500g

NAKI Manuka Honey is a leading New Zealand honey brand, from the rich, verdant volcanic soils of the Taranaki region.

From the wild nectar of the flowering native NZ Manuka tree, NAKI Manuka honey's rich, complex & aromatic flavor, is truly unique with a UMF 12+ rating.

The UMF or 'Unique Manuka Factor' grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey and assures purity and quality.

Manuka honey contains Methylglyoxal a unique compound property producing antibacterial & wound / burn healing properties & many other health benefits. Methylglyoxal is directly related to the UMF rating of manuka honey. This property varies in strength as measured across all batches produced in NZ.

NAKI is one of the most pure brands with no human access to their hives which are helicoptered in (see video below);

NAKI honey is also available in 250g sizes with Gift packaging & Twin gift packaging.

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