Habitrol BULK Patches Step 1: 21mg (28 per box)

Habitrol BULK Patches Step 1: 21mg (28 per box)

Buy Habitrol in BULK Dispensary packs, 28 patches per pack, being the number of patches in four regular Habitrol packs. BULK packs work out at around 25% lower cost than regular packs, on a per patch basis.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is one of the most popular ways to kick smoking-in-the-butt, reducing cravings, and allowing you to ease in to quitting. Studies show NRT doubles your chances of quitting.

NOTE: Not available to our New Zealand customers.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Habitrol is an effective way to stop smoking. Habitrol patches aid the user in the fight against nicotine withdrawal symptoms by releasing a small, controlled amount of nicotine into the system. Each Habitrol  patch lasts for 24 hours. When you apply a Habitrol patch to your skin, the nicotine passes through your skin and into your body, replacing the nicotine you would have got from smoking. As your body adjusts to the treatment, your dosage of nicotine is gradually reduced and finally stopped all together.

Habitrol  patches are designed in 'steps.' Step 1 (21mg) should be used for six weeks and delivers 21mg of nicotine over a 24-hour period per patch. Step 2 (14mg) should be used for two weeks and delivers 14mg of nicotine over a 24-hour period per patch and step 3 (7mg) should be used for two weeks and delivers 7mg of nicotine over a 24-hours period.

DOSAGE: Apply one patch per day, at same time on the day. Refer to directions on packaging.

CAUTION: Habitrol  patches are NOT suitable for children. Contact your doctor if using prescription medicines before starting Habitrol patches.

Patches should not be used when pregnant or breast-feeding and you should discontinue use if you become pregnant while using patches. Dispose of patches carefully. Do NOT use other nicotine products or smoke while using patches as nicotine overdose may result. Do NOT use Habitrol patches if:

You are allergic to any components of the patch
You are a non-smoker
You have suffered a recent stroke or heart attack
You have a severe skin disease that may complicate treatment
If you think that HABITROLPATCHES may be unsuitable for your condition then please see our other Anti Smoking Aids items. Use the links below. Alternative if you are unsure about treatment seek the advice of a registered pharmacist or medical practitioner.
Keep out of reach of children.Store below 25 deg C