New Zealand Gold - Milk Products

New Zealand Gold - Milk Products

NZ Gold - Premium New Zealand Adult and Kids, baby Milk powders, powdered Icecream, milk bites and chewables & more...

NZ Gold is a new emerging brand of Milk Powder Products (Infant & Adult ranges) selling in NZ and mainly in China currently, demand is growing and we are searching for Exclusive Distributors in the following areas;

1. Middle East
2. Asia (non China)
3. U.S.A
4. Europe

They have a premium standard product range which includes Infant formulas 900g ;

Stage #1
Stage #2 
Stage #3

On top of this they have their standard range of full milk, skim milk, & enriched milk which they offer in;

Adult 1KG bags

OEM : We can provide OEM/private labelled products and can modify nutritional values and formulas to your requirements.

NZ Powdered Icecream 200g & Milk Bites: 
Comes in, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry & Mango 
We also offer 

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