Top Selling Products and Trends 2017

2017 has been another strong start to the year with the surge and increase in demand for natural healthcare products. Asia has again been leading the demand with China the main consumer of wholesale healthcare products and natural lines.

The top selling products so far have been;


1. Bio Island

One of our strongest brands Bio Island has again seen large growth as they market further abroad. 

The main sellers are the kids and childrens Bio Island products;

  • Cod Liver + Fish Oil (Children's Range - 30, 90 Softgel Capsules)
  • DHA (Children's Range - 30, 60 Softgel Capsules)
  • Milk Calcium (Children's Range - 30, 90 Softgel Capsules)
  • Zinc (Children's Range - 120 Chewable Tablets)

Bio Island is available for wholesale and bulk purchases. 


2. Grans Remedy 50g

Image result for grans remedy

We have been selling Grans Remedy for over 18+ years with another strong start to the year for the iconic New Zealand brand.

Grans Remedy comes in three variants;

  • Original
  • Scented
  • Cooling

Grans Remedy is available for bulk or wholesale purchases, we have a large inventory and stock on hand, ready to ship today!


3. Trilogy Rosehip oils


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Trilogy has been a busy couple of years with a large increase in competition from the likes of Sukin and other emerging brands. 

Trilogy's best selling wholesale products are;

  • Rosehip oil 20ml
  • Rosehip oil 45ml
  • Rosehip antioxidant 30ml

However, Trilogy's recognition as a premium household name has allowed Trilogy to retain a prime position in the market and with consumers. 

We have been distributing Trilogy for numerous years with great success and low prices.

Contact Hayden and the team today for the latest Trilogy skincare wholesale price and rosehip oil specials. 


4. Quit Smoking products


Image result for habitro logo             Image result for nicorette logo


Quit Smoking products have again been a leading product this year and have been for a number of years with a strong, loyal customer base.

Quit smoking products such as Habitrol , Nicorette and Nicotrol are often low cost in New Zealand compared the the rest of the world. 

Top selling wholesale quit smoking products have been;

  • Habitrol Bulk 4mg 384 pcs
  • Habitrol Patches Step 1 
  • Habitrol Lozenges 2mg 216 pcs
  • Nicorette Icymint 2mg 96 pcs
  • Nicotrol classic 2mg 105pcs

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