Australian E-commerce Cross-border Conference 2017

Daigou Australia New Zealand

Eclipse Health attended the 3rd annual Australian/NZ/China E-Commerce cross border conference last week, in Sydney. 

It was a real eye opener to see the level of sophistication in Australia China trade. While China is NZ's #1 trading partner, theres along way to go with taking great NZ healthcare brands to that market.

There were around 70 exhibitors, only 2 were Kiwi, there's such huge opportunity here, China (and the world) needs more Kiwi natural healthcare winners.  

On the demand side, apart from various Government restrictions slowing down e-commerce cross border trade, demand remains high. For example, there are now a handful of Tier 1 cities in China that have consumption levels as high as major western cities.

China demand continues to come from largely urban, female, upscale audiences. At the expo there were around 3,000 Aussie Daigous attending one of the sessions. 

We were there to meet potential new supply partners, there are hundreds of great Aussie brands that deserve a place in the NZ market, especially mother and baby, vitamins and skincare.

We're in the process of signing some up, then we'll introduce them to you, our valued customers. If you're a supplier, we'd love to talk to you about how we can help crack the NZ market, via our premium pharmacy and healthcare channels.

It was a great conference, we learnt alot & had a great time with the team. The Alibaba conference in Melbourne is next, we cannot wait!