Alibaba Cross-Border E-commerce Expo 2019 (Auckland)

The Alibaba Cross-border 2019 Expo. kicked off in Auckland in June which is one of the most anticipated events on the NZ trade calendar.

Our Managers (including Serene, Roshini, and Hayden) attended to confirm the latest trends, brands, and innovations in the market, and we were not let down.

Major takeaways from the event which our official brand partners, store partners, and wider network should know about;



1. What's your USP?

Chinese consumers are spoiled! 10 years ago any NZ made product would break down the door, now you need a Unique Selling Point (USP).


2. Market! Market! Market! Time.....

Along with a market validated USP, a strong marketing budget coupled with the right channel partners and dedication/time is the key to success. Again know your customer to the smallest specifics (do not be generic) and understand your USP!


Our official brands such as Bio Island, Maxigenes, AnthongenolChildlife, Freeze Frame, Walker Wellbeing, NZ Honey Company and more all have found a strong unique selling point and/or truly understand their customers and markets well.


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Catch you at the Alibaba Expo 2020!